Sunday 4 July 2021

Pambula Pride

 I am a member of the 'Modelling the Victorian Narrow Gauge Railways' on Facebook and in a recent posting I mentioned that by changing scales I was introduced to a new set of friends. I met a few at the Narrow Gauge Convention at Erina back in Easter 2019. Others friends I have made online.

The conventions and exhibitions are a great way to socialise with friends you may not see otherwise. Many a time at exhibitions I have spent more time talking to people than actually looking at the layouts etc.

I have been blessed with two significant 'gifts' to South Coast Rail. The first was the actual piers of the Thomson River bridge (you know the one I have been building for the last few years). They were 3D printed and were perfect models of the real thing, something that is the first thing you will see at the bridge. So many thanks to Roger Johnson for this great input. We have been emailing each other now for a while and it is interesting to compare notes with modellers with similar interests.

The second 'gift' also out of the blue was a Mallee Shed that another member of the FB site sent to me. Amongst the hundreds of things that go into making a layout are little details such as these sheds for a few locations. The model was all assembled, weathered and even included the nameboard "Pambula" something I won't have to make. This is also another piece in the layout puzzle ticked off, so thanks to Mick Bennie for the shed. I have included some photos of Pambula including the shed and the first passengers to use it.

This is a great hobby (And don't worry, I have been working on the bridge!)

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