Saturday 23 December 2023

The Last Post

 Well this is the last post for the year. Not as regular as some bloggers but regular enough when there is something to show.

I must admit this year has been fairly quite down the shed and not as much progress as I would have liked. When you are on the stairway to heaven or the highway to hell, you have to make everyday count. This sojourn into VR narrow gauge had it first inklings way back in 2015 and now coming up for eight years. I can definitely see progress but I also need to acknowledge that the whole layout will never be completed. The right hand side is looking OK and the left hand side has just the track laid down, minus any scenery, although one part traverses some scenery of the earlier HO layout.

I know what I need to build and construct next year so when we finally get there soon I will try and do more. I am awaiting some of the Haskell NBH tourist coaches, not that I really need them but more of a show of support to Kieran Haskell who has gone to the effort to produce them. It would be nice if Modelu in England produce some kiddies that can be put between the bars and have their legs hanging out.

Let the legs hang!

Every now and then I will get an idea in my head for a photo and then go to the shed and knock a few off. One idea which stretches the limits of my camera are some night shots. I did some recent ones around the ashpit down at Eden with some of the loco crew. The shots were lit by some led multi colour lights purchased from Aldi some time ago, the results came out OK. Here are a few:

Group photo down at Eden

So that's all for 2023, and I'll see if 2024 can be more productive on South Coast Rail. Thanks for looking.