Tuesday 16 July 2019

Just around the corner....

Level crossing at Pambula
Just around the corner from the station at Pambula, the track becomes single once again and will head towards Wolumla further on. There is a level crossing at the entrance of the yard which gives access to the goods yard and also a road access to the private siding. At this point there is a backdrop with minimal room for scenery. I decided to see if there was enough room to place a small residence and a plan I had of a small NSW railway house was enlarged to O scale and it seemed to fit but with minimal backyard space.
I had a large sheet of fluteboard? rescued from a council clean up and made a mockup of the house to see how it looks in its spot. I seems to fit OK but not the house and block size I would buy.
A mockup of the house to test footprint.
Aerial view of house showing how small the block is
 At Pambula I provided an extra siding so that when shunting goes on it can be used to store wagons without blocking the main, loop or goods siding. When operation gets into full swing this siding will be used for taking off wagons and awaiting the next train in the opposite direction to move onto another location.

Dirt is down and the glue added

The weeds are added and it all looks good
 I am not fussed about placing a Kadee magnetic uncoupler on the siding. It has been tested and works well. It saves putting a skewer down between the couplers to uncouple.
A fence is added to form a border to the house and rail line

The Main line receives its ballast 

Must be winter no leaves
 Although I like gardening, I try and keep it second place to the layout shed. In the photo above is the remains of a plant I thought would look nice in the garden. As you can see it didn't seem to survive and when the leaves were gone I thought the trunk can be made into a nice looking O scale tree in the future. I like the way it currently overhangs the tracks. So it it is now on the long list of 'things to do' to 're-green'.
The greenery arrives

Starting to look better