Monday 2 September 2013

Bought some pickles today!!
A kernock on the door today and a courier had delivered a parcel I had been waiting for. It was a flat top T class on the second issue. I was too slow for the first run.
The reference to pickles in the heading title comes from the fact that my T class is numbered T333. Anyone old enough would remember the '333' pickles company. That wasn't the real reason for selecting that number, it was just that it would be an easy number to remember.
This foray into Victorian modelling has given me a lot to learn about the system. At this stage I am quite happy to stick with the alphabet classification and be able to recognise the difference between a T and Y class. I am not interested in delving down to bogie types, exhaust stacks, grills on windows etc. I am basically pleased that Austrains and Auscision have gone to the trouble to make the various variations to keep us modellers happy. Such choices would never have been available not so long ago.
I was a bit reluctant to post this blog as many may have thought that I have deserted the NSW system and gone troppo and started collecting mexican equipment. I said to myself then that the next blog would  have a NSW theme to it. Sorry maybe next one.
So now my Vic loco pool stands at a Y class, B class and a flat top T and a high nose T. Maybe all I need now is to get and S class (Trainorama are doing a rerun) and possibly an X class.
Anyhow I went down the shed tonight and a short empty stock train took advantage of the new loco for a run up to Kameruka.
A few shots follow