Saturday 31 May 2014

Hey Dad

Disturbing news has just come through regarding that nice little town of Candelo. A local reporter from the Candelo Times Jack B. Quick and his son Notso raced up to the station to check out a rumour that the last train had left Candelo and the track had been ripped up!
It is sad news indeed and we will let the following pictures tell the story:

Well it certainly looks like devastation. My advice would be either to subscribe to the Candelo Times for the latest as it happens or keep following this blog.
Luckily yesterday the last railmotor quitely departed Candelo with only the SM aware of this significant day. With a few bent light poles, a few cobwebs starting to show, no ballast in the platform road maybe this branchline station has had its time.
I'm sure there will be further news soon.