Friday 31 December 2010

The Last Post(For this year that is). How slack. I haven't had a December post and now with about one hour to go I will try and squeeze this one in before I sit down in front of the telly and watch Sydneys famous midnight fireworks.
I am on leave for the moment and have already started on getting some projects crossed off the list. Starting with putting new tiles on the bathroom floor. The old ones have gone and the 'easy lay' tiles are down. Tomorrow comes the hard one, that is all the tiles that need cutting to finish off the job. Not looking forward to cutting the ones around the floor drain.
So in between running out of glue for the tiles, I thought I had better de-stress down the shed.
Work has been going on at Bodalla at the moment. I usually do a bit here and move onto there for more but have decided to just get one area fully finished, so you will have to get bored for a while until Bodalla is complete.
I 'borrowed' the goods shed from the branch at Candelo which actually sits directly above Bodalla. It might end up staying there and I'll build another one when I get around to revisiting Candelo to finish it off.
Yesterday I laid down the goods yard at Bodalla and started putting in weeds, grass etc to make it looked finished.

So it also turned out a good night after checking tonights $31 mill lotto. (Not so good when it has to be divided by 21 shares. And it wasn't first prize unfortunately) But still way in front. Ah well back into consolidated revenue it goes.
I'll finish off the year hoping you all had a good modelling year. Next year will hopefully be the year of the 40 class and the 48's. I reckon the Viccies have had a recent glut of locos and models so back to getting out a few more NSW models.
Hope next year is a good year for you all and looking forward to seeing progress on your blogs.
I will leave you with a few shots taken around Bodalla today.