Sunday 28 March 2021


Okay, the bridge is still on the agenda, but when you go into the shed, the location of Pambula is visible. It is looking a lot better now there is a backscene in place. In the last post I started to fill in the gap between the backdrop and baseboard but hadn't reached the corner. So I spent a few hours and sorted the corner out. There is an awkward corner here that the backscene bends around so I was trying to disguise it with some scenery.

The corner at Pambula

As in the last blog I got some more yellow foam cut up and sceniced up to the corner. I cut up larger pieces so that they could be randomly glued together on the corner. This allows the backscene to go behind the rocks and the focus becomes towards the rocks at the front.

First section of foam is cut and glued into place

First lot of weathering

As usual when you find something that works, stick to it. I have been using a sample pot colour called 'Harold' and acrylic that can be watered down to suit. And with the base colour being yellow, you can vary the intensity of the top coat and it takes on a sandstone effect. Once this has dried then I dry brush on other light highlights and then some black oxide can be brushed on the give an aged look in certain spots.
The corner is vanishing

16A poses with the re Ford pickup. The backscene is blending in nicely

The greenery ties it all together

The big rocks appear

The corner scene went fairly quickly as it was only a small area. When you start off with the yellow foam you start wondering how it will come out, but after the colouring is done and you start adding the greenery it all starts looking good. As can be seen in the above photo, don't worry about trying the fit the foam together tightly to eliminate the cracks as these can be all filled with greenery. A variety of brands were used and the peel and stick grasses were placed in front of the cracks on the baseboard to hide them.

The big rocks are all "Haroled' up

More greenery arrives

And a few tall trees and bushes

Nearly done

There still needs a bit more done to this section, but I am pleased with how it has turned out so far, the corner almost disappears!