Sunday 9 September 2012

Whether to weather
Following on from the last posting the BSV's have done a couple of laps around the layout and now is the time for a weathering.
For a few reasons I haven't been down the shed as much as I would have liked recently. With the cold weather and another project which is coming to a close more time can now be spent on the layout.
I decided to weather a BSV with the tried and trusted isopryl alcohol used as a thinner for the Tamiya paint. The first I heard of using the alcohol was through the AMRM and the excellent article by James McInerny on weathering. It works very well and dries quickly. (I am still waiting for James to do an article in AMRM on how he takes his brilliant photos in the magazine, or maybe its a trade secret?)
The photo above shows 3229 out on a run down at Bodalla with the weathered BSV up front. I think the rust is a bit overdone as I couldn't find the smaller brush. Even allowing for the rough job I have done it is an improvement over the out of the box models. If I have only one critisism of the models it would be the over accentuated wood grain on the ends of the cars. I might have a go at smoothing it off on the next weathering job. Although I have read how to dismantle the cars to get to the inside at this stage it is not that noticeable that the inside is still black. Will be interesting as to how modellers model sheep inside.
This is a closer shot showing the differences between the weathered and virgin out of the box model. The bow on the solebar on the right hand model is explained by having the halogen lights too close and on for too long. Will need to put the light back on and have an unbending moment.
With the batteries fully charged I took the opportunity to snap of a few more shots around the layout with the 32 and the BSV's.
One thing I get caught with every time when taking photos is I forget to go around the models with a brush to get off all debris and spider webs which my shed is a home for. I'm sure they get together outside and reccomend my shed as a good place to live. So forgive me with some of the shots that have webs on the loco. I'll make sure it doesn't happen next time.

The 32 class was waiting at Bodalla for a 44 class hauled freight to come by. The BSV was shunted off into the siding.
32 and BSV in the goods siding at Bodalla.
4429 arrives at Bodalla with yet another similar train to what the 32 class was hauling.
In a few more weeks the Liverpool exhibition will be in full swing and I am looking forward to getting some more models.