Thursday 26 July 2018

Recipe for a Hill

I haven't been asleep at the wheel.  Cleaning up the floor is still on the bottom of the 'to do' list but it is definitely there. Shall be done (one day)
Pambula is the last station I have been working on. I could go either direction with the scenery but I felt it would be better to head towards Broadwater. The reasoning being that there are basically two baseboards between Pambula and Broadwater. One containing the bridge over the Yowaka River, the other taking the track off the bridge up an S bend to Pambula. I needed to do the hill portion into Pambula before I can set the form of the hills between the two baseboards. And also to do this I need to get started on the bridge before this can be done. Everything is set to go with the bridge, I have the laser cut beams and trusses (thanks Nathan), the timber  and nut and bolt washers(thanks The Railcar) and the photos.
Hopefully in another weeks time I will get another shot of inspiration when the 'mates' head of to another trip to Victoria. This one is identical to the one we did in August 2016. I will do a report when I get back. Part of the trip on the Sunday is behind double R class steam to Moe then a bus trip up to Walhalla where we will get to ride the Goldfields narrow gauge railway and get to admire the Thomson River bridge again. So no excuses when I get back to start on my version of the bridge.
Back to the hill, the track has been laid and I started to do the scenery work on this portion. I will let the following photos tell the story, feel free to follow and make your own hill.

STEP 1 - Lay some temporary track, add a vehicle where the road will go, and a level crossing sign.

STEP 2 - Add a bit of foam around the edges. This give the greenery something to hang onto.
STEP 3 - Looks like this one is two layered with plenty of icing!
STEP 4 - Looks OK from both directions
STEP 5 - Looks like we have gone for chocolate icing!
STEP 6 - Definitely a chocolate cake. Some sprinkles have been laid between the track and looks like milk has been added to make it set.
STEP 7 - I got a tea spoon and table spoon of milk mixed up here but it dried out okay.
STEP 8 - Put some trimming on the cake.
STEP 9 - Add the warmth of the winter sun to set the cake quicker.
STEP 10 - Looks like it is nearly baked.
STEP 11 - Add the trimmings and its all ready to go! Enjoy.