Sunday 24 February 2013

Schools Out for Summer
So where did 2012 go to? I must admit I haven't been very busy on the layout during the last year.
Its nearly March and to prove I haven't faded away completely it is about time I posted.
2013 is the year all the models promised years ago may finally arrive. This should move things along and re stir up the modelling juices in me.
I have recently commenced the building the Emu Flats school building. This kit was reviewed late last year in AMRM. The kit was purchased from the Model Craftsman at Blacktown although the kit was manufactured in USA. This was my first laser cut kit and it has been going together fairly well. 
The reason behind the construction of this kit was because it will be a future subject of an "Other Side of the Tracks" episode. Unfortunately when an idea springs into the head for an OSotT it sometimes requires props or models that I don't have to hand.
The easy ones are done that utilise whatever is around e.g. the trains, cars, people or other things. So to keep the numbers up the school building was next. Hopefully it will feature in a future AMRM. I haven't been told to stop doing them yet, so I hope you are still enjoying them.
Haven't had any rocks on the roof yet!
As can be seen in the photos its nearly 50% done. It was just plonked in another houses position (with permission of course) for the photo. There is a big shortage of flat land on SCR and I was thinking of placing it somewhere near the building in the second photo above when completed.
Completing this building reminded me of the BranchLine convention that used to be held at Macquarie Uni a while ago. Condition of entry was that you had to come with something you had built for the layout, or a model. Some of my models on the layout were taken to Macquarie after the mad last minute rush to complete them.
Today was unfortunate as we had lost power at 11.0pm on Saturday night after the storm that hit Sydney and didn't get power back until late Sunday afternoon, so only limited work was done on the school. The loss was made more confusing to me as both neighbours had power but we didn't. The word soon spread that a large pine tree had brought down wires in another street nearby. When someone explained how the wiring power worked I wasn't so phased about it all.
Well thats all for now, I will be getting ready for the Forestville exhibition next weekend. Who knows the 422 class might be released there?
And if so expect to see another blog next weekend.