Wednesday, 21 July 2021

I See the Light

 Aldi recently had a advertised some lights that I thought I would be able to use for some night style photography on the layout. So when they were available I went and picked a pack of puck lights. Never heard that term before but thats apparently what they were. They are 3 AAA battery operated and scroll through the various colours by pressing down on the dome or can be also controlled by the provided remote controller.

The end results were more of trial and error more than actually knowing what I was doing with the camera. I would just press a few buttons more or less, take around 60 photos and then after viewing on the computer scrap most and then be happy with the few results.

The following are a few of the better ones.


 So it is a good night from me and a good night from him.


  1. That 3rd photo you would only see every "BLUE" moon.
    Nice photos Bob.

  2. Interesting photos Bob. Does the camera image match how your eye perceives the light? I have found that sometimes the camera accentuates particular colours.

    cheers Phil

  3. Thanks Ray.
    Jim you might only see the blue moon once
    Phil, yes looks different through the viewfinder than in the room.

  4. Lovely photos Bob. Really throws some light on your exceptional modelling skills.