Thursday 27 May 2021

Nothing to see here

Yes it has been very quite on South Coast Rail for a while with no new work to show off. That doesn't mean I haven't been in the shed of late.

After a dose of recent rain some which found its way onto the shed floor that had leaked through the lower wall. I have a pile of carpet tiles stacked waiting the time to put into place but I have to make sure that there is complete waterproofing before that happens. The floor has progressed from a plain concrete floor to a gloss grey painted finish. I think I will call in a plumber to get the outside sealed.

In another few days it will be June halfway through the year and still the bridge awaits. Its hard to drag yourself back to do more work on it especially when the next work to be done will be underneath and not normally visible. It seems easier to go into the room and pick a job that will give immediate visual results.

I have taken a few shots of the layout which have been posted on Facebook but repeated here.


That's my lot of photos for this posting but today was our groups day out for a layout visit, a chat, a drink and a barbie over at Phils. His layout would qualify for a finished layout and I believe it is in the queue for an AMRM article, lets hope soon.

A very photogenic layout and a fitting tribute to his lifetime in model railways. So here are some more photos for you to enjoy.


So hope you enjoy these few photos, that all for now.


  1. The layout looks great and I like your backdrops very much. It looks very real
    Good work!

  2. Bob,

    Sorry to hear about the water entry problems. The amount of rain that we had recently was enough to overwhelm any drainage system.

    Thanks for including the photos of Phil's layout. Very impressive and great to see that at least one Phil can complete his layout. Looking forward to the AMRM article.

    cheers Phil

  3. Thanks Phil, I'll have to get onto fixing up the water problem, some came in from next door. Hope your new layout is starting to progress

    1. Rebuilding work has started. Blog post is currently being prepared.