Wednesday 15 October 2014

So far..........

So far, so good. It seems for now my little furry friend? has left the building. Eventually the eaves will be filled in and he will be cut off forever.
Managed to start laying out some ground cover around the loco depot. Luckily we still have dirt verges in the street which means I don't have to travel far to get some dirt for ground cover. It is put through a strainer and fixed down the same way I do the ballast. Its easy to vary its colour by using chalks rubbed over the dirt and then spread using the finger.

Candelo is starting to take shape slowly. I have included a few shots below.
A shot of Candelo loco depot prior to the invention of colour.

Car park for Candelo loco depot

Ballast train has just ballasted the loop
Budd set arrives on the loop
Victorian T and Y class take over Candelo loco

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  1. Love the pre-colour era shot of Candelo!