Saturday 11 October 2014

In the poo (still)

Well Saturday morning has come and gone and after breakfast I ventured down to see if my resident pest had gone.
I think so must be the answer judging by the new hole he has chewed through the new piece of plaster put into place this week.
Kindly disregard the skid marks on the wall. I don't know how he could make such a mess. Why is it that possums are supposed to be protected?
 The whole room stinks of possum piss and anyone that knows that smell would be put off going in there. I don't think he likes me. I would have liked to see how he managed to get the piss half way down the roller door. This has led to the conclusion that it must be a male. Females are not that versatile. Guess its the mop and a bucket of lavender disenfectant into action.
Damage to rolling stock? Minimal as its was moved away from the window where I guess he spent most of his time planning his escape.
The easy part was getting a replacement key for the roller door. I got two this time, just in case. A pair (all though I only needed one set) of pliers managed to extract the broken bit from the lock. A bit luckier than Paul from WA.
So more wasted time now required for the hole in the roof, then we move forward.
Last but not least the little bugger left me a calling card (again) but I have got the boys onto the job of cleaning it up.


  1. I suggest you lay a sheet of plywood or gal.sheeting on TOP of the ceiling, before you repair the hole in the plaster.
    You can beat the blighters, good luck!

    Regards Walter.

  2. ... and perhaps some chicken wire over a larger area in the ceiling. W.

  3. Walter,
    this time he was trying to get out, before he was trying to get in.
    Should the chicken wire be attached to the 240v?

  4. Bob,
    Guys today said they hang out in pairs. That's why the trains were scrambled while they were chasing each other. Why not ask NPWL for a trap then take them/it down to the Bridge and release them/it.

  5. Take him to the bridge and release him you say. I'll take him to the big bridge in Brisbane....but that's another storey!

  6. If you think he is still inside check in the barrel of the roller door , he mite have set up camp in there .

  7. Booly,
    yes thats where he used to hang out, but a few open/close,open/close,open close had him on the move.
    Just checked today and I think he has checked out of the motel.