Sunday 26 October 2014

Garratt comes to Candelo

Another black and white while I had some filum left in the camera.

6039 this week did a light engine trial to Candelo. It is seen in good company with 3610 in the loco sidings.
Another milestone happened this week when I finally finished boxing in the eaves of the shed. It wasn't easy putting these sheets up on my own and luckily only one sheet managed to break in half as it was being put into position.
Now all that remains to do is to paint it. I have always used Solagard in the past and was used to paying around $50-60 for a four litre tin. Well yesterday I got one cent change out of $80. At least I had the choice of any colour I wanted. I chose a Mist green colour so that the shed blends in with the fence, the grass, the trees and the garden.  Some times I even have trouble finding the door. In the photo above can be seen the bent key referred to in a previous blog, now replaced with a straight one.
Today Sunday is stinking hot and no way I'll get the paint brushes out. Its almost like a switch has been thrown, the cooler weather is gone and the humidity has arrived.
So it has been a bit of activity in the shed this week. The sign on room for Candelo Loco has started to get their garden in place. At least the mandatory palm tree has already grown and in place. Says a lot for getting advanced plants.
The gardens have begun to sprout out front of the loco chargemans rooms. A safety fence has also been put into position. It was constructed from code 55 rail, soldered, painted white. The rail I used was a length of Railcraft rail which was pre weathered. By using some Tamiya white mixed with isopryl alcohol it gave an aged/weathered look straight away. Structures around loco depots were never pristine except straight after something was painted and that would have only have been for a few hours.
A tarmac path was made using dark grey chalk but the only piece I had wasn't the right colour.
Jock looks nervously on as a garratt edges up to the buffer stops.

Here is a high level shot of the loco depot area. It doesn't take long for an area to develop once the ballast and groundcover are put into place. The yard lamp and palm tree pierce the vertical and give a different perspective to the scene. As can be seen a pathway around the palm tree is in place to be finished off with edging and more gardification.

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  1. really hoping those eaves you were putting up were not old asbestos fibro - not good if it broke, especially if there were other people around.