Tuesday 16 April 2019

Two to go

Yes only two days to go until the 14th Narrow Gauge convention gets underway on the Central Coast of New South Wales at Erina. Since going over to the dark side, black sheep or whatever you want to call it I will be attending my first convention. I had 'gone over' when the 13th was on but due to other circumstances I couldn't attend.
I was asked well over a year ago now if I would be willing to have my layout open on the Good Friday as part of the convention programme.
Well if nothing else it was a good goal to head for so I agreed in principle with Dan Pickard one of the committee members. Time has flown and that time is now two days away.
I must say the layout room is the best its ever been for the moment as everything that has been on my workbench aka 'the layout' is now put away 'somewhere' So when it is all over I shall start looking for my next needed tool or scenery item.
There is a feeling that with a smaller group of narrow gaugers you seem to be part of a family. The group is smaller and although we might be spread all around the country there is still a connection through the electronic media. I have joined three narrow gauge Facebook sites and will look forward to catching up and putting faces to the names I have communicated with.
There are three full on days, two at the convention centre and the Monday reserved for travelling up to Toronto for the Lake Macquarie Light Rail which is a two foot gauge railway.
My layout will be open for inspection on this Friday between 1.0pm and 6.0pm for convention attendees.
See you Friday and at the convention.

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