Thursday 8 September 2011

Smile - say Cheese
Well just a day after posting about the new dairy at Kameruka, I was reading todays local paper the Daily Telegraph.
Not a lot happens down Bega way and on turning a page I saw the name "Bega". What was it all about?
Well it happens that Coles supermarkets reckon they are going to source all their cheese from Australia instead of New Zealand. Very patriotic of them.
News of this soon got to the spokesman for the NZ Cheese Industry Mr Rick Cotta. He was decidely upset and blue a vien and then calmed down. At this moment they were undecided if they should challenge this in court or just whey the odds and see if its coon forgotten. He labelled the Aussies "Krafty" and wanted to know if their cheese wasn't gouda nuff.
So what does this mean for South Coast Rail? Obviously a rise in milk traffic mainly coming off the branch from the dairies at Candelo and Kameruka.
This gets railed down to Bega and after reading the news cutting I have decided to end up building a cheese factory down near the flour mill. This siding is currently an oil siding but I can move this to another site at Bega.
Then it occurred to me that I can now create another movement of traffic i.e. milk in and cheese out in refrigerator wagons up to Sydney.
So I had better hurry up and get the Kameruka dairy siding finished so the milk can start flowing.


  1. There are other movements at Chease factories - the one I looked at at Taree also had coal bunkers for the steam boilers which drive the plant that provided power and cooling so you could have the occiaisional coal hopper. Also boxes crates and othjer packaging materials were freighted in.

  2. Iain,
    Good point I hadn't thought of that side. Certainly will be plenty of shunting to take place