Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kameruka Happenings
Just a quick update on the layout. I have been concentrating on Kameruka lately. The last post showed the platform extensions in place and the green 'undercoat' has now dissapeared under a layer of platform limestone.
Having the platform finished the ballast has now been laid past the platform and on the loop line beside it. With the rain a week or so ago its also magic how quick the weeds will grow.
With the platform extension I also extended the fencing. It seemed to take ages to find that extra bit of fencing in the shed as I am not very organised. Then when it was in position I must of run out of the original paint colour, so then I had to repaint the new and existing again to match it up.
The next item I am planning to finish off is the dairy building. One part will be some of an old kit and the rest is slowly being made up as I go along. The siding comes in at an angle which
means that the roof has also been cut similarly. The roof will cover the track and be above the edge of the platform. One of the supports will be on the edge of the platform.Its almost impossible to get shots of how the milk was loaded into the wagons. I would imagine there would be a pipe coming out of the building and then into a hose which would be placed inside the wagon to fill it. I think as long as there are pipes, valves and a few other bits and pieces then it should come out OK.
I will keep working on the dairy and then move onto the oil siding. Hopefully some of the bogie oil tankers should be available by the end of the year.


  1. I've got alot of shots of the butter factory at Pambula(inland from Eden) - not rail served, but great character - if interested.

  2. Hi Nick,
    I have been Googling looking for dairy "hardware" to put at the front where the milk is loaded into the wagons. Not many results.
    Infrastructure seems to rate down the list in the real and model world.
    Yes I would be interested in some shots, maybe we can put them up on the blog to share if you havent got a site

  3. Bob, don't have a site - any suggestions? Can send u some shots to see if interested - email me. nick_sheridan AT