Sunday 8 November 2009

Bodalla more
I have been concentrating on doing more work at Bodalla this weekend. The ballasting has been completed on the main, loop and the three sidings.
In real life usually sidings and the loop tends to have more weeds than the better kept main line. So this means applying more ground foam and other bits and pieces to represent an unkept track.I am fairly happy with the end result and the track and ballast have been suitably weathered to look the part.The picture above shows 3610 on the main line just beyond the level crossing. You can see the loop line on the right how it has more dirt/ballast than the better kept main line. you will just have to put up with the chicken wire a bit longer until I get motivated to do the long rock mountain edge. It is very slow going to get it all right so I can guarantee it will be done by this time next year.
I decided to get the level crossing installed as it intersects the loop and has to be done at the same time. I used cork for the road and matches between the tracks, this then having a layer of grey coloured plaster rubbed over it. Two Uneek level crossing signs were installed. If you want an easy way to paint the words on the 'X' just paint the whole sign with white paint. When dry, sand back with fine sandpaper just exposing the letters and then paint chemical blackener onto the exposed brass. So only the letters will turn black. Sure easier than trying to use a one hair paint brush and going crazy in the process.Also placed some Ratio picket type fencing on either side of the crossing. I have yet to finish the pedestrian walkway slightly away from the road level crossing.I also have a gripe with the Peco code 75 points and the very flimsy throwbar that connects the point blades together. One of the blades has come adrift at Bodalla. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to fix it. I will now need to wet down the point, cut away the rail joiners and replace with a new point. This has also happened to two other friends with the point blades coming adrift. Maybe I should write to Peco and ask them why can't this region of the point be strengthened?In this last shot the Volksvagen is exiting the road that will lead up to the goods shed one day. It comes out beside the milk bar. I had no choice fellas, the area is not large enough to put the Bodalla pub in.

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