Saturday 31 October 2009

Running Day
Everynow and then to break the monotony from scenery and layout building comes a time when friends come over for a run on the layout.
This usually involves a last minute scramble to remove all the work tools from their resting spot (see previous notes below) and packing them away in a spot that I can remember where I left them.
I must admit that these days are good to reassure one that the layout still operates. Before each session comes the 'Running of the Locos' (just like the bulls in Pamplona). This is to make sure the loco gets all the way around and hopefully all controllers are working fine.
One of the main crossovers was working fine yesterday, this morning one point motor decided not to work. Now for some reason a wire from the point motor had decided to come adrift, and a quick solder had it working again. These are the sort of things that usually stuff up on the day when visitors arrive.
Then the gremlins struck again. All three tracks through Narooma decided to take a rest. But believe it or not by opening the panel front a short in the wiring dissapeared and the train started running again. But if we closed up the panel gently then it seemed to work again.
These running days are also good when visiting locos get a run. Some that are out of my modelling era but no less fine models. At one stage there were about 4 32 class, 620 class, A class, B class, T class and a fine mix of interstate and a container train.
It surely is a great hobby when we can all get together and share our love of trains. Thanks Mike, Mat and Adam for coming, hope you enjoyed the day.
Here is a selection of the visiting trains that turned up for the day.


  1. Hi Bob
    I reckon these are some of your best pics yet, especially the first one. Your attention to scenery detail is inspirational, even my wife was impressed!
    Don't know about this Mexican invasion though!?...but they are sweet models!
    Nothing like a running session to bring out the bugs!!

  2. I will second that about the scenery Gary.

    I like the angle of the last shot, the shadow of the trees looks like diesel smoke, very nice.

    Ray P

  3. Thanks guys for the comments, was a good day and good to see the mexican locos having a run.
    After all Bega is close to the Victorian border