Sunday 21 June 2009

Slow Progress
Saturday afternoon I decided I had better tackle the mess my pre-resident rat had left me. What I needed to do was to cut away the gyprock and dispose of the rat poop. A stratgically placed plastic xmas table top cover was spread out over the layout to hopefully capture all that would fall from above.
I began slowly breaking bits off hoping not to cause an avalanche of crap raining down on the layout. Try as hard as I could it was inevitable that some rat poo would go not where I wanted it to go. I think some went down the back of my shirt but I went on underturd.
I was feeling guilty about doing this work today as it was an spur of the moment descision and as I hadn't got changed, I wondered as I made my way back inside if the wife would notice odd stains or an unusual smell about me. Fortunately all was well. I finally got to see Slum Dog Millionaire that night as a better choice that removing more poop.

Sunday afternoon and after having lunch, I returned to the shed for more work. (I knew I had till 4.opm to get back to watch Sunday afternoon footy). When I got to the worksite, there it was more bloody water on the ground. This time I could see where it was getting in from and armed with my tin of trusty bitumen sticky stuff I returned to the roof. I reckon you will be able to see the black stuff on my roof from space soon.
The last of the old gyprock was removed and one final avalanche of poop came down. I collected all this crap and took it outside and spread it amongst the garden. I reckon I should get something good out of all this bad. Going up the ladder with my tin of black sticky goo I then commenced to spread it into the interior joins of the roofing. This was all OK until I noticed that the black gooey was then dripping down onto the floor and some on the layout. I'll get back to you on whether this stuff makes good track weathering or not soon. Rubbing it with turps got most of it off the track but the bit on the floor can wait till next weekend.
A few extra bits of timber were nailed up ready to receive the gyprock next weekend. And guess what? I have just heard it will be raining again next weekend...........

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  1. "underturd" Nice one Bob. Hav'nt been sniffing the roof tar pot have we ????!!!