Sunday 28 June 2009

A hole lot better
Sorry to say but for the moment it is all about the hole in the roof. So until I get the hole patched up modelling on the layout is a a standstill.
The hole had been cleared of muck and rubbish ready to take the new insulation and gyprock. To get the insulation meant another trip up into the roof of the house. I discovered a leftover pack of batts from yesterday where I had spent an hour or two trying to fix an TV aerial reception problem. (Which I haven't fixed yet).
The batts were poked into place and then the gyprock sheet was cut to my understanding of the measurements required to fill the hole. It was a sizeable piece to get up into position and my helpers? were either glued to the telly or the computer.
Anyhow I had watched plenty of shows from Asia and Africa where huge loads were chucked onto the head and off they would go. It didn't seem hard to do and they always seemed to smile for the camera when photographed.
I had no choice, so I headed for the ladder with this big gyprock hat on my head. Pausing at the foot of the ladder to remember if I had taken my blood pressure tablet that morning, I then proceeded up the ladder. Luckily a piece of quad was still in place to receive one end of the gyprock and another small but critical piece allowed me to rest it up there so I could go down and get the drill.
So after whacking in around 30 odd screws I could then get to work with some gap filler and move a step closer to finishing off the roof. Hopefully soon this blog will have some more interesting things other than roof blogs.
So here the last shot of the roof I will share with you (yeah you say) of the nearly completed roof fix. A bit of paint and back into the layout.


  1. I am disappointed - I thought this was going to be an episode of "Boofhead of the Week" especially when you said it you put the sheet on your head.

    It looks good though,


  2. Bob,

    Let's hope that the rats have gone and the possums don't move in!


  3. Bob I think this might have been better left as an access hatch - for cyanide gas injection !!!