Tuesday 18 June 2024

The Main North Railway

 I must admit again I haven't been very busy on the SCR of late. The Rosehill Model railway exhibition hosted by the Epping Model Railway club was attended in May. This is by far the largest of the around three exhibits that Sydney hosts. When we compare the number of Victorian and Queensland exhibitions NSW comes last. One would think the state with the most people would have the most but for some reason it is not so. Exhibitions to me become mainly social outings where you can meet up with old aquaintances and spend more time talking than viewing the exhibition.

Many of the blogs report on running sessions with other modellers and they become social outlets for sharing the hobby. I have recently met up with a few other bloggers and was able to organise a short notice visit to the Main North with two other bloggers. The 'Main North' layout is being constructed by Marcus Amman who is a very accomodating host for visits to his layout.

We arrived at his layout last night and as this was the first visit for them they were taken on a progressive tour starting at the lower level of Sydney progressing throughout the room around to the heights of Armidale and Tamworth. I am sure they were very impressed with the layout as all who get to view it. I have seen progressive improvements during my short time of visiting the layout. There is so much to see on the layout and I would like to hope that one day it makes the pages of the Australian Model Railway Magazine as an example of a great New South Wales style model railway with plenty of operation to be had.

There are so many photo opportunities to be had so I have attached some I have took on the night.

Werris Creek diesels waiting a job

Werris Creek 36 class on an Up Freight

Werris Creek Coal stage

One of the trips operated on the Main North is the running of the Northern Tablelands Express and this journey is operated by a 900 class DEB set. It starts at Werris Creek when a three car set arrives from 'Moree' and a four car set arrives from 'Armidale' Once the operator connects the two portions together they then proceed towards Sydney. Here are a few photos depicting the trip.

Passing Ardglen

Exiting Ardglen Tunnel

Passing Pangela

Quite day at Murrurundi waiting for the Express
Murrurundi Loco depot
Control Panel for Murrurundi
Oak Milk Factory

Pages River bridge
Coming into Fassifern
Waiting to depart Fassifern

Departing Gosford
Departing Gosford passing stored U boats

Crossing the Hawkesbury River bridge

Passing through Hawkesbury River station

One of the busy impressive stations on the layout is Gosford. When I first saw it, there was no overhead or ballast and points were hand operated. Now there is overhead all the way to Sydney, ballast laid and a control panel to control the points. Impressive. All loco hauled trains passing through Gosford are required to change motive power from either steam or diesel to a 46 class electric. This adds to more operation working. There are usually many steam, 46 class electrics and U boat interurbans stabled there waiting their turn to move. Here are a few shots taken around Gosford.

 Hope you enjoyed, we all did.


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  1. Great pictures Bob. Far better than those I took on the night.