Saturday 24 June 2023

Still here

 Firstly, I haven't passed on even though it has been three months since the last blog update. The main reason is because not much has been happening around the layout.

Winter time is no excuse not to go to the shed as by the time I am ready to get there the day has warmed up and mid to late afternoon can be comfortable. I have no heater there, only a small window air-con that only pumps out cool air in the summer.

Being winter the northern sun hangs low and in the later afternoon if I open the roller door the sun for a brief moment will shine onto the front of the layout. But you have to be quick as within a half hour the sun is gone off the layout.

Many excellent photos are taken in the full sun rather than under artificial lights. So recently I went and took advantage of the big bright light when it shone on part of the bridge. Not low enough to see the whole bridge but enough to grab a few shots. The results are below, next blog I hope to have more to show.


  1. I like the top one best. RJ

  2. It is true that photos under sunlight enhance a lot.
    I never tire of looking at them. JM

  3. First photo is a beauty. You've blended in the backdrop photo very well - the water really looks to be part of the river.

  4. I really enjoyed the photos.

  5. Excellent as usual Bob.
    I know what you mean by long time between blog posts, I last posted just before Christmas last year with the intention to post more often. Life keeps getting complicated, very little work on Bylong.
    Ray P