Saturday 21 August 2021

B & W's

 While work continues on the layout as covid decrees, I have been taking photos all the time recording the growth of South Coast Rail in its narrow gauge format.

Some pics out of focus are deleted straight away (the beauty of digital!), some just make it into the various folders and some just turn out right. Another great feature of the digital age is the ability to instantly turn a colour photo into a black and white one. Then the photo takes on a different feel, maybe taking me back to the days when black and white was all you could afford.

I have managed to run through a selection of colour photos and converted them to black and white. No labels attached, if you have been following the blog you may know where they were taken.



  1. Loving the black and white photos. Really enjoying the layout and your blog.

  2. SCR has come a long way as these pics display. Great work !

  3. Great photos! The layout is looking good. Just love the side on shots at the level crossing. Cheers, Don

  4. nice work Bob - you may also want to try Sepia and a bit of vignetting
    to create that illusion of old - Some wonderful pictures in this post

  5. Nice Black and White shots and a great little Shay.

    Ray P