Sunday 3 May 2020

It MAY be gone

Yes dunno what happened to April, must have been isolating too well. I should practice calendar watching a bit more closer.
I haven't got a lot to report of late, there has been work going on here that is not rail related and sucking up precious modelling time, things will change soon.
I was also lucky to receive some VR speed limit decals and level crossing signs from a good friend Roger so I decided to put them to some good use. Hope you enjoy the following:
Just one other thought of the corona virus and those of you that have micro layouts. How do you invite three mates over for a running session if your layout is so small and each person is in a corner and you try and implement the 1.5 metre rule? I guess this is when the lucky guys with large layouts can spread out and never the twain shall meet?
Hope to have another update before May ends, I have just found the calendar.

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