Friday 1 March 2019

A zoo?

I was looking out the back window recently and something caught the corner of my eye moving. When I looked up there were two goannas strolling across the back lawn and headed for the side gate.
As usual it was the mild panic in where was my camera or phone? I found the camera and then went to another room adjoining the side gate to take a photo. Well I know I saw two of them but could only find one of them in the garden.
G2 the goanna, not sure where G1 went to?  
Three of the kookies in for a feed
So one headed off somewhere unknown and the second one chucked a 'U'ee and headed to the back yard. Luckily the garage door was closed otherwise I reckoned he would have gone in there. So I allowed a good half hour and decided it would be safe to re-enter the shed. I haven't seen them since.
I really reckon I should have started up a zoo in the backyard. Over time I have seen the goannas, a few snakes, an echidna and the scrub turkeys have taken a liking to the bush/garden and have fun scattering the mulch everywhere. We also have about five kookaburras and many king parrots drop in a few times a day for their feeding. The big trouble is that they are all not together at the one time otherwise I could have got the kindy kids at the school opposite to come over and have a look. Can you pat a goanna?
Well that is the animal side of things over and yes I have still been working on the railroad. I have been concentrating on getting a large section of the layout finished. There were many pockets where I had made a start but not finished one big area.
One of the jobs was to revisit the trestle area. On my previous HO layout the main focus point was down the back corner where I called it the gully area. There were three tracks crossing the gullt at different levels and was probably the most scenic area completed. Eventually the tracks will be run through this area and will need a complete scenic update.
A creek bed with ferns and reeds

One of the down sides of completing the scenery is the fact that I have lost another spot to put my junk, mix paints etc. The above scene is a field completed with using some dishwashing cloth available for under $3, so it is very versatile and looks OK in my book. So when you can't think of what to place in an area just put in a field and fence it off and maybe add a horse or cow. Also placing a few white flowers in the field draws the eye to that spot.
Up goods heads over the trestle
A few extra ferns have been added
8A works an Up goods
8A crosses the local road with photographic background
In the last photo I placed a photo that used to reside at the opposite end of the shed. It was surplus now to its previous use and I then thought it would be suitable to place against the wall so that the road appeared to disappear in the distance. After a bit of work on the scanner and photo editing I found that it worked well in the spot especially when viewed from the above angle. I plan to have backdrops all around the layout one day!

Other Side of the Tracks

I have put up the first five of the Other Side pictoons on the link on the top right hand corner of this blog. I plan to post five more each month until they are all published, so enjoy numbers 6 to 10


  1. It looks very good and realistic

  2. Would you be able to do a "how to" on using the dishwashing cloth? Its got to be the best field I've ever seen modelled??

    1. Hi, I did an article in the August 2006 Issue 259 of the Australian Model Railway Magazine on how to use the cloth for fields. Hope this helps.

  3. The build is coming along great Bob. Will be great to see some more pictures of the layout once you take delivery of your new wagons from that rollingstock subcontractor 😎😎.

    1. Yes will be nice to finally get a load behind the NA's

  4. Lovely scenery work as usual Bob!


  5. Hi Bob,
    Not sure about how friendly a Goanna is. We have them wandering around some picnic areas looking for food scraps and when picnickers see them coming they climb up onto the tables. Try patting one and see how it reacts !!

  6. No patting Jim, I have seen its claws!