Saturday 6 October 2018


When I get an area on the layout basically finished I like to get a 'photo' record and take as many photos as I can. This is mainly because for every 100 I take I seem to get about ten good ones! This is all about the amount that turn out OK.
I have ordered some MDF 3mm sheets to enable the partial enclosing of the layout sides. I will use a cloth to cover the remaining sections, after all I still need to access the 'junk under' some how.
Here is a selection of  'other shots' in the area I have been working in.


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  2. That is really a great scene! As I am one of the editors of a norwegian model railway magazine, I wonder if you could be interested in publishing your work in Norway?

    Please contact me at hhouen[at] if this could be of interest.

    Best regards,
    HÃ¥vard Houen

  3. Well done this is a fantastic scene. I really like the variety in the foliage. How do you do your ferns? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Luke,
    Some of the ferns are 'Model Scene' laser cut paper ferns obtained from the Modellers There are also a few local natural ferns, mixed with a few plastic ferns. Anything that looks good goes.