Monday 26 February 2018

Update on Monty

Just a small update in case some of you wanted to know what happened to the snake. Well the last I saw of it was when it slithered under the fence towards the neighbours house. We couldn't spot it again but after a 'yell out' from the lady at the back house yesterday it was 'found' again.
This time the guy from the National Parks was able to capture it. He commented that it looked a bit underfed. So then he kindly took it back to the bush a few streets away and released it into its new home.
The Kuring-gai National Park is around 150 square kilometres, plenty of bush to play in so why they choose to come around houses is beyond me.
All's well that ends well.


  1. With the dry weather and little rain they come looking for water. I have seen this numerous times during drought periods. One of our neighbours during the last drought had them coming out of the scrub across the road when he was watering his lawn from storage tanks with a sprinkler system. He had quite a few blacks visit plus the odd diamond back. We place a number of old pots with water in the scrub occasionally refilled this stopped them visiting. My own yard was plagued with the green tree pythons in long dry spells they loved to get under the sprinkler. They have gone now due to development. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for your comments. The neighbour has a pool, we think that's where he was heading (For a drink, not a swim)
    He is in a better place now.

  3. You were right Bob, it was a bit big for the "Garden of Eden".