Friday 22 December 2017

The Last Post (for this year!)

Well the photo says it all, I hope you all have a great Christmas and Santa brings you plenty of train related products.
Progress has been good over 2017. The bridge in the above photo was completed and scenicked around it. All the baseboards that will be portable have been constructed and track laid on them.
The track will eventually meet up with some of the old HO baseboards still remaining. This will speed up construction as all I need to do is remove the HO track and replace it with the On30 track on the same roadbed. Then the scenery will need to be 'upscaled' to look more to scale.
I will make a start on the Thomson River bridge early next year. This will be a major build and many of the parts have been collected already. Sadly "The Railcar" guys have decided to retire and a source for many bits and pieces has now gone.
When more track is laid I might be able to finally have some operation on South Coast Rail. Together with radio control throttles so you can walk around with the train. This adds to the beauty of this scale.
So if you are wondering what your New Years resolution might be, try considering moving over to On30 modelling and in particular modelling the Victorian Narrow gauge. The more I have researched those four lines the more interesting it becomes. It involves more work than just being an HO/N plonker but the satisfaction of your finished result far outweighs the effort to get there.
See you all next year 2018!


  1. Bob,
    All the best for 2018. You've accomplished quite a lot this year and it really looks terrific. Well done.

  2. Bob,
    Have a great Christmas and on to bigger things like the Thomson River bridge in 2018.
    cheers Phil

  3. Thanks Brad and Phil, catch up with you next year

  4. Hi Bob. As usual the effort to detail in your scenes makes them look just like the real thing - Fantastic. I need to get some lessons.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Regards Marcus.

  5. Marcus,
    nothing wrong with your scenery work, 'The Main North' is looking great.

  6. Bob, I have loved following your progress on the new layout. I too was sad to find the Railcar was closing up. Please let everyone know if you find another good source of scratch build material.