Tuesday 18 July 2017

In Memory of.........

I had a call last night from Marcus Ammann. He was asking why the link to my HO South Coast Rail Flickr photos wasn't working properly. Well I said that it eventually gets you there but really not where is should go first off.
Marcus being an expert in URL's http's etc worked out that I had too many letters after where they should be. So with a little massaging, we got it working properly.
I hadn't visited that site lately and going through it once more opened up the memory floodgates of my old HO South Coast Rail Mark 1. It was mainly an external resting place where anyone could drop in and remember the layout as well. Hopefully it is safe there "up in the clouds" ( I think I have got that bit right.
For anyone who hasn't been along for the journey SCR was started back in around 2000 in a shed around 34' x 12'. It took around 15 years to get to the stage shown in the photos. Over the years I have taken many of hundreds of photos, some good enough to publish on the blog, many deleted and some just for the record.
So taking the opportunity today I have decided to upload 483 images of South Coast Rail to the Flickr site for either your enjoyment or boredom. Originally I was just putting the good ones there but decided I need to show some of the early days where the baseboards were just bare and in the need of a good dose of scenery. Over the intervening years there were some dramas in the shed as can be expected. I have included some of these photos. Some would remember the fun had with the local possum. There is a shot of him with his bum sticking through the hole he made into the shed. I only found out he was still alive when I poked the longest stick I could find into him.
There is the day when I found out that roof leaks need to be fixed and not ignored. The photo shows the panel of gyprock hanging like a guillotine and the rat droppings that decided to fall over the layout and floor.
Kicking off the photos is a shot of the panel I made up to work the whole layout. I was a DC man and this concoction of wiring was a necessary evil of going down that path. Don't be impressed with the underneath shot of the wiring. It's just what you had to do to get the thing working. No wonder I have gone to DCC on the new On30 layout!!
You can see how the influence of the Victorian Railways had crept into SCR. I had a reasonable fleet towards the end. They are all sold off now and hopefully being enjoyed elsewhere.
You can see the times when I bought new locos in the photos, the 46's, L class, 45, 48's, 422 etc. They would become a feature of another blog as I would excitedly photograph them.
Looking back now on the photos I am quite pleased how it all turned out. Considering the number of years I have been modelling you would hope we all learn something along the way. The photos keep me from being too sad from missing the old layout, but there are many modellers who for reasons unknown just want to have a crack at another layout. My good friend Jim is onto his third layout I think. They are/were fine layouts.
Well there are quite a few photos to wade through on the Flickr site. The link is located just above the "My Blog List" on the right hand side. Forgive me if there are some double ups.
I would like to think my journey into On30 narrow gauge will be as rewarding as the HO journey.
Time will tell. Enjoy!!


  1. Hi Bob. I selected the Slideshow Icon and sat back and watched a wonderfully sceniced layout with beautiful models, roll by until tears blurred my vision so much that I could not see the South Coast Rail any longer. Obviously I'm overcome by emotion. I'm trying get scenery onto my layout to look 10% of what you've done and you've "binned" the lot. It will be a while till I can "come at" that Mexican layout you've replaced all that with. My last visit and what you posted recently about your new layout, I'm recovering slowly from your monumental decision to toss out your NSW layout. One consolation for me is that you've come into the 21st century with DCC. Thanks for your Flickr Slideshow, that'll be playing in my Crew Room for a long time. Most important Bob, you've been able to throw out all of that, to chase your "dream". Bob you're an "Inspirational" modeller to us all. Marcus

  2. Hi Marcus,
    What can I say, thank you for your wonderful comments. I didn't realise that my demolition works would bring a man to tears!.
    Yes it was hard to do but the memories and photos will live on.
    Not a total teardown, part of the gully area still remains and will be host to a narrow gauge track soon.
    I suggested once to James from the Australian Model Railway magazine to add the equivalent of a "Scenic Route" page in Model Railroader to the magazine. Easy material from the hundreds of good layout out there. But not as yet, I am sure there would be at least one of my shots viable.
    As long as I have visiting rights to view some of my old buildings on "Main North" I will be happy.
    Thanks again Marcus for your words.