Saturday 13 May 2017

A little bit to the right....

The last couple of days has seen me stuck down the gully working my way towards the road on the right hand side of the module.
As stated on the previous blog entry I have to finish off all the scenery work that will be behind the trestle. The roadbed has been roughly cut out of ply so I can gauge where it will stand across the gully.
During the week I have ordered some timber from the Railcar for the trestle. Once I have completed the scenery at the back of trestle then I will complete the trestle it and secure into place. Then after this I can move onto Broadwater station.
Unfortunately scenery is always a slow process and I am getting frustrated at its slow progress.
The bed for the creek has been roughed in using plaster as shown above. It would not be possible to use the foam for this purpose. At this stage it only needs to be roughed in as it will be filled in with rocks and then other vegetation laid over the side of the creek. Somehow it all comes together slowly but surely.
The above photo shows that 'Harold' the muddy coloured paint has been at work. All the plaster has been painted and the rock surfaces dry brushed to hopefully accentuate the water when it is poured over the top. Also can be seen more progress to the right hand side.
This shot shows the trackbed of the trestle where it will fit into place. You can see that the trestle bents will straddle the creek below. The right hand rock face will be close to the trestle which should make for a few interesting placements. The track on the trestle as shown is Micro Engineering but I will probably just end up using the standard Peco track as used elsewhere. The ME track looks a bit anorexic with its narrow sleepers. Besides I only purchased one length and would need more to complete. A road will go under the trestle where the can is shown.
 A few closeup shots of the waterfall. I need to add the resin to this section when the creek rocks have dried off. There is a lot of fine detail work to be done around the rocks. Just study photos off the internet and go look at waterfalls in real life.
The final photo of where the gully is now up to. It is hard to believe that my posterior was once sitting on the right hand side scenery. I think it has been put to better use. Only trouble now is that I have run out the foam and have to go and search for more.


  1. Gee Bob, when I read the title, I thought you getting into some political commentary on this week's budget.

    That aside, this corner is really starting to take shape and will be a real scenic feature when the trestle is installed.

    cheers Phil

  2. Don't worry Phil, I have to go a bit to the left of centre as well.
    I like to cover all sides, and try not to favour any,

  3. Hi Bob. The Waterfall is bloody fantastic. I need to visit for a closer inspection so I can "rob" some of your techniques for scenery but that'll mean some plaster! Are you going to Loftus?

  4. Great scenic work, Bob. Very impressive.

  5. Thanks for your comments guys, it is my first time with the soft foam type scenery, but so far so good.