Sunday 22 May 2016

Tar Thank You

Well the last posting on the blog letting the Russians aware that we are aware of them watching this blog has paid off. The number of hits has reduced over the last week or so. You could say ivan had as many views lately.
Over the last week I was able to contact some of those dodgy Irish bitumen paving guys that go around promising a good job on your driveway.
I needed to get the road into the Eden goods yard tarred. One of the reasons I picked them as they stated they were from County Cork. Wow I thought this is exactly the same material the road was made of. (See previous post)  Assuming a good job would be done I will let the following photos speak for themselves.
I am not sure if they dug the holes in the road to save on tar or what. Needless to say I won't have them back.

Also this week I was able to ballast the track from the crossing into the point leading to loco. It has turned out fairly well and has been slightly weathered. I am now starting to get an idea of how the layout will look with the trackwork ballasted. The fence has also moved across the other side of the line and will now form the entrance to the goods yard, once I get around to building a gate for it.
Starting to look like a railway

Some readers will also note that I have decided to ditch the stud contact system between the rails. I found it didn't work.

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  1. Ha Ha. In the last picture you missed a stud. Looks good Bob, come and do Camden !!