Sunday 9 August 2015

All quite on the South Coast front

Been very quite lately along the south coast. A check of the funeral notices each day in the papers shows I haven't made that column yet. So all good.
I'll put up a few recent photos, to "keep the faith" as the Moody Blues say at the end of their concerts.

See ya next blog.


  1. Hi Bob. I've just caught up, having read all your posts & the various comments, over the last few weeks. I've really see enjoyed seeing the story of SCR unfold in your blog, and learned a few things along the way. Keep up a fantastic motivational tool for the rest of us! Cheers, Lindsay
    WeddinJct blog

  2. Bob,
    See you have incorporated a bit of privatisation into SCR. Will it be ore, steel or maybe passenger ??

  3. Hi Lindsay,
    thanks for your comments, hope you enjoy the site.
    May be a combination of all three, watch this space,