Wednesday 13 November 2013

NSW Lives on
Some people who have read my recent blogs would think I might have gone Mexican and followed the blue and yellow system. Only partly true.
I now have a small fleet of Victorian locomotives and rolling stock, enough to add more operating interest to the layout.
Recently at the Liverpool exhibition I paid for two of the Auscision 46 class locomotives and like all the other locos just be patient until they turn up.
I also intend to erect some overhead wiring which makes the operation of electric rolling stock more complete. I can't see the point in buying electric rolling stock unless the overhead is present. One thing is for sure that all the trackwork and ballasting should be complete before the overhead as there will only a small opening of a few inches to get your hands under.
I have already ordered some insulators from overseas and collected a few substation/transformer kits. Living near the railway line also makes it easier to get a closeup view of the infrastructure.
I won't be able to start overhead construction until the locos turn up as I am not sure a what height the overhead will be. At least Southern Rail have made a few staunchions available.
A few NSW shots follow:
A major change will be happening to South Coast Rail next year on the layout. What will happen will be outlined on this blog.


  1. Good to see you have come back to the dark side - Bob.
    Love the weathering on the loco's
    Paul (Alco)

  2. Love the whole feel of your work, Bob.The weathering is brilliant. Also, nothing wrong with going a little Mexican - widens the scope of the layout, so much more to do..
    Regards, Walter.

  3. Thanks guys for the comments. The weathering of the locos is not by me. I had it done by one of the former employees from Toms Hobbies, he does a great job.