Monday 29 July 2013

 Victorian Passenger Services due to commence.
You can almost feel a trend happening on South Coast Rail with the blue and the yella colour scheme getting more prominent. As can be seen in the above shot a T class has also been added to the roster.
And not only a T class but the first passenger car set, the Auscision "E" car set has made its first trial today running as far as the Candelo Coal Mine branch. Along with the B class it is as expected in pristine condition, but will soon succomb to a bit of weathering.
Lucky as always the official photographer just happened to be on hand to record the trial run of the train from Bega to Candelo.
The E cars come with a warning on the box regarding the couplers locking and causing derailments on curves sharper than 28" and advise the fitting of long shank couplers to overcome this issue. What I will do is put some on but only at one end of each car. This widens the gap for curves but having the couplers long/short at the ends doesn't make the gap between cars as big as fitting long shank couplers to both ends of the carriages. I must admit the cars look good close coupled as they are delivered.
Anyhow nothing more to reveal at this stage so I will put up the remaining photos taken today. And please don't think I am abandoning NSW rail, I am just expanding my modelling possibilities.


  1. I am not sure the NSW Possum is going to like this...All of this Mexican stuff is a worrying trend...but very nice nonetheless.

    Some very nice photographic locations along the branch really brings it all to life.

    Look forward to more.


  2. You've been completely seduced by the 'blue' side haven't you Bob !

  3. Rod,
    Anything to confuse the possum is good by me. Thanks for your comments.
    You got me. Just making the best of a cross border situation. Always liked the blue and yellow colour scheme. Thats while in N scale I modelled Santa Fe so I could have the blue and yellow for freight locos.
    There will be more news on SCR in the coming months!