Sunday 10 June 2012

Say Cheese.....
Mention the far South Coast of New South Wales and probably 13 out of 100 people will nominate 'cheese' as a product of the region. You would probably have gotten 82 out of 100 to mention the dairy industry.
But how many towns down that way are named after cows? There is no town called Hereford or Fresian. (although it does get quite nippy). Right so how many towns are named after 'cheeses' At least three I can think of. There is the big one and still going strong 'Bega', the lesser known 'Bodalla' and there is 'Kameruka'. And not by accident these three towns are modelled on South Coast Rail.
Nearly everyone knows the Bega brand and it being the most well known brand happens to be the largest town on the layout.
The above photo of the dairy siding is situated right behind the platform at Kameruka. You would have to be pretty dumb not to realise that the building was not a Kameruka icon. Now to reinforce the point. I recently had given to me a wrapper from a slice of Kameruka cheese. Although the slice of cheese was long gone it was the label that had me interested. I thought if I could scan the label then this would make an authentic sign that could be stuck onto the building. And what would be the greatest accolade would be if a real Kamerukan person was to see and recognise the label on the building.
The donor of the label Wayne was also modelling the same area as me so we had a common interest. He was going to include Eden as one of his stations. I suggested he should have a 'garden' as the main feature as I don't think anyone make HO scale whales at this stage (Go Google if you don't understand the link).
I guess this is the beauty of modelling a ficticous region. This area is so close to the Victorian border and with all the Vic models now flooding the market this is a great reason to justify modelling two systems.
This Monday I will wander down to the Epping Model exhibition and hopefully pick up my cheque from the second hand stall. I had a clean out of some models to raise coinage for recycling into new models. I resisted the temptation to visit the second hand stall cattle crush/stampede on the Saturday morning and will enjoy the more relaxed time on the last day.
Some time ago I had an ex work collegue bring over his sound Eureka 38 class. I then thought I wonder if the two sound locos would work OK together and what would it sound like. So we coupled them up and run them up from Bodalla over to Bega on a short freight. I did a quick video and put the result here. Not a great video but a record in time.


  1. Nice Bob, excellent scenery, you really have a green thumb for Illawarra / Blue Mountains style scenry.


  2. Another modeller with an eye for detail and the patience to impose that ability to reflect a bygone world. Great video's as well! What more could an avid model railroader wish for. Excellent work and thanks for posting it up for all of us to see and admire.

  3. Nice work Bob. Can only hope Cambewarra comes close.

  4. Thanks guys for your comments