Tuesday 6 March 2012

I see red......
Its just 6 days into Autumn and so far the plant is doing what it supposed to. Flower heads are forming and soon it should be full of red flowers.

Despite the crazy weather we have been having, the plant seems ok. It has been a case of too much water rather than the opposite of too little I apply to the rest of the garden.

I just hope at the end of this "gardening segment" that the plant converts to a tree OK.
Can't believe we are into March already, where does time go?
The modelling front has been a bit quite lately. I found an old signal box kit that I think was made by Rails North?. It is a two level, probably fibro (asbestos?) box completely devoid of all character. It was probably chosen because it was an easy kit to make. The material it was made from is that grey resin, the stuff thats can be straightened under hot water. The joints at the corners were certainly not finished as flush as I would have liked but I reckon I can put a downpipe from the roof in each corner and hide the rough job.
There are also very fine strips that have a thin layer of excess resin that has to be scraped off. So far I have had a 50% rate of getting the resin off the glass without breaking the ribs but I will need to either replace them with styrene ribs or maybe paint on white fine lines. Just thought of maybe you can get fine lining tape?


  1. Prepare for a LOT of bees to come soon, they love these flowers. You should get around 2 to 3 weeks of the pink flowers looking nice, then another 2 months of the rusty coloured flower heads before the winter chills start to make the leaves turn yellow.

    When you harvest the "Trees" you can split the root into lots of new plants, any parts of the stem that still have even the smallest amount of life left in them can also be planted with a high chance they'll also turn into new plants. I had one stem that was broken off the main plant and kept in a cool location but without any water or other TLC, after 4 months I stuck it in the ground and 3 days later it had already developed roots a few centimetres long!

    1. Michael,
      thanks for your advice on the plant.
      As I will have a few trees required, it will good that they can be divided and create more trees.