Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Back on the rails......
Well after the last post which could have seen SCR ripped apart, I have come back to my senses and after a session down the shed I decided to get back into finishing off some scenery along the back wall. These photos are taken where the header photo with the garrat was taken.
It was only a small section but after a few hours later it was nearly complete. In the above photo it was the small section on the right hand side near the to be enclosed bridge pylon support. A new code 75 point had been laid but not yet ballasted, this was also completed.
The things you notice in photos, I notice that the rear left hand porthole has gone missing, hopefully it is still inside the body.
I have included some more photos for my benefit to make me feel better about not abandoning SCR.

There was a box cab on E bay but they wanted $100 and $40 postage. Thanks but no thanks.


  1. Welcome back to our alternate reality Bob.

    Ray P

  2. Thanks Ray, no visit to the shrink required now.