Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fotopic has got the Flick (r)
I must have been one of thousands around the world that had photos lost when Fotopic suddenly shut up shop. I was posting photos there long before I had started this blog.
The story of how I also lost many photos when the hard drive crashed and was rescued by 'Albert' who had downloaded some of my photos was recorded on this blog recently.
In looking for another web hoster for some South Coast Rail I reckoned that Flickr was as good as any other, so I have recently uploaded some of my favourite shots onto this site. All seems well so far. A lot of the shots have already been on either fotopic or on this blog over time, but it groups them all together without the need to read all of my crap writings in between.
This weekend in the shed was a poor effort, only managing a few more shrubs outside the tunnel that supports Kameruka. So no need to show any of that effort.
The year has gone extremely fast again (Anyone else notice?) and I am looking forward to another break off in the new year.
The manufacturers should be a lot kinder to us NSW modellers with three locos I am waiting for will hopefully get delivered (48 + 40 + 422) and a few freight wagons as well.
Anyhow to get to the Flickr site just hit the link under "links in the right hand column "More South Coast Rail photos" and I hope you enjoy them the second time around.


  1. Hey SCR can you point to your blog site where you have the magic grass sponge post please.I carnt find it anymore.
    cheers Peter

  2. Peter,
    there was an article in the August 2006 AMRM magazine on using the cloth to represent grass.
    I think this is what you are looking for