Saturday 5 November 2011

All in all its just another bit near the wall....

Close enough to that famous Pink Floyd song The Wall. Close enough indeed.Todays effort was to finish some scenery from the gully corner up to Kameruka. Having only a centimetre or so between the track and the wall it seemed the best finish would be to put a photo landscape scene there. As luck would have it, I had a photo scene taken from the platform at Tarago a few years ago when on a tour taking two 49's to Goulburn, then swapping a 49 for a 48 class. It was a perfect day there and I just took about three panorama shots.After some manipulating and cropping on the computer, mainly to delete the foreground tracks in the yard, I printed and glued them together. I was quite happy with the end result . This photo image has been sitting around in the shed for a few years now waiting a final resting place on the wall. It is not completely successful in that it is not very high in parts. I could have enlarged it on the computer but it will do for now. Maybe a replacement when the other two hundred and seventy five jobs are done.
The sheet had clouds present which didn't match the blue wall of the shed. So I got to work with the craft knife and cut away all the clouds and it now blends in quite well.There was only a gap of a centimetre or two to fill in between the track and the wall. I used some cleaning cloth 'grass' and a few other bits and pieces. The colouring matches fairly well and the blend line is not really obvious in the photo.


  1. Hi Bob,

    Great post title, and on behalf of the Pink Floyd fans amongst us, one could say, "we don't need no, ex-planation!"

    Really good job there though, that scene blends in perfectly and certainly gives an impression of depth far greater than what is actually there, especially when viewed at closer to eye level.

    The colour match to the real scenery is also spot on which greatly enhances the illusion.

    Again, inspiring stuff.


  2. Thanks Darren,
    The original photo had the horizon 'Obscured by clouds', so it was 'goodbye blue sky' and I used 'the wall' colour instead.
    I was thinking of maybe painting a stormy sky in that section and a sound speaker to reproduce 'The delicate sound of thunder'
    Need I say any 'More'?

  3. Touche Bob!

    I don't mean to Meddle, but realistically you could have done the horizon Any Colour You Like, and I'm not sure if it was a Momentary Lapse Of Reason why there aren't any Animals in that scene, especially Sheep, or even Pigs, but maybe some will appear One Of These Days.


  4. Bob

    The photo backscenes really work well and they still retain the perspective when the posted photo has been taken from a higher angle.

    Well done!

    Ray P