Sunday 9 May 2010

Was there an April?
Looking at my last post it was dated March. Seems so long ago. April was a busy month not so much modelling but other things that keep you away from the shed.
Much of the time has been taken up around Bodalla, mainly getting rid of the white cliffs at the back of the platform. Its a long slow process initially to get the plaster down and then to get the colouring right.
After all thats done then comes the slow process of putting up the greenery to make the cliffs realistic.
The platform has recently started receiving the 'tarred' surface courtesy of some 400 wet and dry sandpaper.This will be mainly be at the exit end of the platform and the far end will just have a narrow strip near the edge and the classic crushed limestone courtesy of Chucks Ballast to finish off towards the cliff edge and add some variety on the platform surfaces.
The SM at Bodalla is a keen gardener and he plans to eventually have a garden good enough to enter into the annual gardening competitions.It will be a while before the platform is finished. I will be adding station nameboards, seats, Uneek station lights and station weighing scales as it progresses.The last shot shows a 49 class arriving at Bodalla with the afternoon passenger to Bega. The 44 class is a light engine movement heading for Narooma where it will bed down for the night being rostered for a livestock special the next day.
Sometimes I wonder if I will ever finish the layout, but I only have to look back on the computer at the photos taken in the same spot five years ago, and then I think 'Nah we're getting there!


  1. Bob

    Welcome back!

    That Illawarra cliff face is sensational!!!

    You really have the look down to a "T".

    I wonder where that phrase came from?

    Ray P

  2. Bob,

    I was beginning to wonder whether you were ok or not. I hope AMRM will have your usual work.


  3. Thanks Iain and Ray,
    maybe if you only post every month or so people get used to it.
    I was there working away but there was not much to show.