Sunday 7 March 2010

Tunnel Vision
Sunday night and I have just come from Craigs Shed ( to see what his achievements for the week have been. Craig would have to be one of the most regular bloggers, but when I was reading his post tonight it wasn't until I got to the fifth paragraph before I started to understand what he was on about.
The first four paragraphs were devoted to the ddc-ish language of which I don't speak. I suppose it all makes sense to those that understand dcc. Don't get me wrong its all good but for now I'll stick with the old DC. In the future I'll be like the guy thats still got a computer that can read floppy discs. They'll be saying in future 'Take your old loco over to South Coast Rail, that old fart still has DC and you can get a run there'
Today I started on the cliff that divides Bodalla and Candelo the branch terminus. At well over two metres long, behind it runs a hidden track. So far this is the last section of the layout to see plaster. The reasoning is if a train derails behind the chicken wire I can see it and reach up and rerail it. I laid this section of track as well as I could and it has been reasonably derailment free. With Murphy often visiting the layout i was sure if I sealed the full length of the cliff, derailment would start occuring.
So to get around this, I am making a section of the cliff removable to enable me to fix any derailment problems. It will not be the full length of the cliff, so in true Murphy fashion all my derailments will now occur to the left and right of said removable section.The photo shows the early days for the removable section. Once this section is completed then I can make a start on finishing Bodalla platform.
I am also posting some photos I found in the archives taken around five years ago. How time flies.


  1. Bob, I agree with what you've said about Craig's comments. You know I always feel I'm in some strange time machine (the Tardis would be a great layout room!) that keeps my understanding about ten minutes behind reality! No really, I do however have access to his place every now and then so for me the visual does help with the verbal.

    I think that the vertical you've achieved really adds a great deal to your layout, those photos are a credit to you.

  2. Remember of course that DCC is easy all you need is two wires and off you go unlike DC with all those blocks and reversing polarity at loops...etc.

    Mind you if you can figure out NSWGR passenger car and goods wagon codes DCC should look fairly simple,