Sunday 21 March 2010

Happy Anniversary.
Where has a year gone? Looking back over some old blogs I realised it was now over a year ago since I started this blog. How time flies when your having fun.
As I have always reckoned blogs are a great electronic diary and good to look back on.
I decided to concentrate on finishing the signal box I started last weekend. Saturday and a bit of the night and I had all the posts and railings and steps attached. The posts and railings were cast and even with a fair bit of sanding to finish smooth the end results could have been better. I made the railings out of some North Eastern stripwood and while being a more realistic size than what came with the kit still had wood fuzz thats noticeable close up.
The water tank stand was assembled and a 1000 gallon tank was weathered up and placed on the stand. All that is missing is the water tap at the bottom.
Photos? Yes I took about fifteen but I was not happy with any of them and all are now in the recycle bin. I took some shots on macro and wow you can see how crook I finished the model off.
But if you look at it from the normal viewing distance it looks fine.
So thats another weekend of modelling gone and after around eight hours work I have a signal box for Bodalla.
While I was looking through the photos of the signal box I came across a video I took of some visitors Southern Shorthaul equipmentwhen they came to SCR last October, so I will upload in lieu of the signal box photos.

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