Saturday 13 February 2010

Yeah Its still raining
Well this post will continue on the rain theme mainly because since the last post thats all we have had.
The decision to reroof the main shed was taken last Sunday night when my previous roof patch was looking a little moist around the gills. Yes I will go and order some more corrugated iron no matter what.
As one of my favourite TV segments recently has been the weather section, I duly noted that showers were predicted for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I had discovered that the black crap of the roof joints that had failed in its duty to keep rain out, and was cracked after drying out yet again. Having found the tin of goop buried in the train shed, I duly climbed up the ladder towards the roof knowing this would be the last time I would be doing this. I was even happy to sacrifice a brush to the cause to apply the goop. With failing light I slapped on the goop and headed down the ladder, cleaned up and headed indoors. Saturday was going to be order new iron day.
Friday night and its home from work, a quick pizza and get ready to head off for our groups regular get together. Tonight was Phils turn and we were eager to see his new layout room that was completely renovated over the past months.
There is one thing that we can almost guarantee on our nights it that storms and rain will happen.
We got to Phils OK and saw this bright light shining down from the garage. Where are my sunnies? Well compared with the previous effort this was one of the best set ups I had seen. A ton of lighting, and painted sky blue walls. Inside was a baseboard and complete with a circuit of track which was identified as the lower staging level of what will be a two level layout.
It is going to be based on the Broadmeadow/Newcastle area and includes a small branch.
It was after a while in the layout room when the heavens opened up and down came the rain.
The problem was all the cakes, tea and coffee were upstairs, but we made it eventually. Refreshments were partaken, and a rail dvd on double header steam and a New Zealand were viewed.
The rain was bucketing down at this stage and looking out of the dining room window towards the rockwall, we now noticed Phil had acquired a waterfall, which wasn't there the previous day.
On our way home, one last check of the train room showed that it had held up to the might of the storm. Lucky Phil. I was hoping my black goop was doing its job back home.
Saturday morning came and two important things were on the agenda. One was to order the corrugated iron and the second was to photograph the restored 4204 heading north to Dungog. It was also supposed to have GM 10 in tow. I was going to go on the trip but decided to divert the funds to the roof appeal.
After a small delay 4204 appeared but not only had GM 10 but also S317 in tow. Well if you like the GM sound, Mt Colah platform was the place to be.
I finally got to see the guy that could put me out of my misery with the roofing. I bit the bullet and decided to get a single lengths for the shed and no joins. It will be colorbond and I picked out a nice light blue color to reflect heat. I haven't got a final price yet but I expect it to be more than a sound garratt. (Ouch I know what I would rather have) Not that I will be able to see the roof from the ground but it should be enjoyable to countless number of traffic helicopters that seem to report on the prangs and peak hour traffic on the local F3 freeway.
A timely visit from my future son in law in the afternoon will hopefully allow reroofing to be carried out soon. He has kindly offered to help.
High winds and rain will not be welcome. Watch the blog soon.


  1. I would offer to help but I am grounded from heavy work for the next week. Bernie Baker and Jason Ferguson were the crew on 4204 to Broadmeadow and back. Mat, Adam and Melissa, along with a fair few hangers on were there and they said the three Jimmy's sounded and performed with gusto.
    Me, I sat at home wishing I was there, but Doctors orders MUST be followed.
    Good luck with the roofing, you really need a layer of foil insulation under it to keep the heat out. I am sure the Peter & Kevin could afford to pay for it. Mike

  2. Jim H. North Haven14 February 2010 at 15:31

    Those gold top bottles would have made the night out in the wet worth while, hey !!

  3. What gold top bottles? I think they were silos Jim