Saturday 9 January 2010

A New Year

Well its been a while since the last post mainly because there has been nothing doing on the layout to report of.

Christmas and New Year has been and gone and I am two thirds through the holiday break and I have been doing mainly sanding and painting bedrooms. Unfortunately this work has to be done.

I had gone to the paint shop again this morning to get yet another 4 litres of bedroom paint and overheard the man behind the counter telling another customer that today because it was going to be in the high thirties that "It will be too hot to paint today" This was also in response to my statement "Gee this should be a good paint drying day today"

With the "too hot to paint" words still ringing in my ears I met up with my wife in the shopping centre and told her these very words. Being the great wife she is, she had no problems with me having a 'painting' day off.

What to do. I had an idea that I wanted to try and construct some 'blackboys'. If you don't happen to know what they are you can also google 'grasstree'. This is what the thought police want us to call them now so as not to offend?


I eventually got all the ingredients together and have made the first three that have been stuck into a bit of scenery to see how they would go. I am fairly pleased with the first couple but will hopefully improve on the next batch.Jan2A Jan3AJan4A  They come in all shapes and sizes and by the similar sizes of these three I would say they are all related having grown up in the same area.

I have also included two other shots around the tunnel exit, one of a 421 class and the other of a 49 class in the same area

Jan5AJan6A  I am not sure how much I will get done in the next week down the shed. I want to tick the boxes with the rooms redone. One room will become a study and will have the computers set up in there. This blog is being typed from the servery with all the components being spread out on the bench top. The new case was left out on the lounge one night by mistake. The next morning there was a pile of cut wires and soon the penny dropped that the house rabbit 'Rusty' had been up to his old tricks and chewed the computer cables and rendered the unit useless.

Does anyone out there have any good rabbit recipes they can send me?


  1. Ah! wrabbit stew, I will have to watch a few Warner Bros cartoons for a decent recipe. I think you were wise to tell your good wife that was "too hot to paint". cranked up the AC here and continuing on the battle with paper work for my mob. It is the end of the financial year for Chicago and there is a lot to do.I have actually found time to start cleaning out the garage so I can start assembling the layout. For other who don't know I have received my scratch built 5 car HUB set from Joe's. Looks great. It has not run officially yet so is sitting on the the sideboard in the Living Room for admiration and dribbling action.
    Happy New Year to all on this blog.I bet Blair and Lance would like to be in some warmer territory. Yesterday in 40 plus heat "The Boys" from Motive Power snapped off a fair few shots of S303 B74 T357 & Y145 out around Bendigo, I hope to be able to send some shots soon as I receive them if anybody is interested. ( for Gunzel business. Mike

  2. Sorry Bob, I can't help with the wabbit stu but I do think your 'hand made indigenous young male persons' look fantastic. Trust you will be sharing the secret ??? Me thinks they may be a good clinic subject around July perhaps ?!

  3. Bob

    You beat me to it!

    My recent post on tree ferns got me thinking in that direction but I have to hand it too you again, your scenery is superb.


  4. Bob the grass trees are absolute rippers! Clinic in July? Really? I never thought that our hobby would require professional help!
    No seriously, I'd love to know how, at a clinic? Just where and when I'd love to know!

  5. Thanks guys for the comments on the grass boys.
    They are only the first samples, so hopefully I can improve on these.
    I don't think a clinic would be able to be stretched out for an item that takes about ten minutes to make.
    If James Mac thinks they are ok for an article then maybe thats a better way to go.