Wednesday 7 October 2009

Well like the majority, I made my way down to Liverpool on the Sunday of the Long weekend.
Arriving there around 9.15am, there were no queues out the front and it was relatively quite inside.
I had studied the layout guide on line before going and other than Wallerawang there did not seem to be many new layouts to be seen. This fact did not worry me as I don't missed any October exhibitions since it has been at the Sydney Town Hall.
The trade stands seemed to be located around the outer walls and then the layouts towards the middle.
Stringybark Creek the O scale layout was a standout to me. I have a friend who has gone to this scale from HO. The comparative higher costs for vehicles and locos is balanced by the fact you can only fit less in the same space. Put me down for this scale if the train shed burns down.
This also a good place to catch up with friends you haven't seen for a while and you should allow time for yackity yak when going.
I only had two major purchases for the day. One was the PC3 building from Casula Hobbies. (Good on you Joe) and the other was some scenic material from Orient Models who had come over from Adelaide. I hope I made their trip worth while as I purchased over $100 of their excellent scenic material. As soon as I got home one package of scenic grass tufts was put into place. At $38 a packet it doesn't go far but looks excellent. I ordered more from them on Tuesday and expect it here this week. You don't mind paying for a product when it is good.
The PC3 building is to go onto Bodalla platform.
I finished off Sunday afternoon a little sadder for Parramatta as they went down to the Melbourne Storm team.


This location is one of a few locations left on the layout that still has the original code 100 rail. One of the purchases from my friend the O gauger was his code 75 track. Narooma has been relaid and now I have lifted the track and started to relay.
Bodalla is not a major town. It has a crossing loop, a goods loop, a private siding and a new stockyard siding that was not there previously. With only room for one small shop this town sits along the edge of a cliff that runs the full length. This fact is not lost on rock climbers who can go from Bodalla to the upper town of Candelo in about ten minutes.As you can see Harry is a bit upset that the track is gone but I told him it is coming back soon.A 44 class tries out the new track. As soon as all the hammering, banging, gauging, wiring, soldering, checking, ballasting, photographing is done then it can run through.

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