Sunday 2 August 2009

Sunny Sunday

It seems like we need a title for each post, so this one describes the perfect winters day we had here in Sydney. I spent a good part of it away from the shed ‘heavily pruning’ a tree (well it started off as a bush but got away on me). Another day at the end of a shovel getting rid of paving sand in preparation for some Italian grass (concrete). The pavers that once existed have been given away to a local family that seemed to appreciate the freebie. I had grown sick of weeding and repacking every second year where the filled in septic tank area decided to take another dive.

The removal of the paving sand was made a little easier by pretending I was shovelling coal into a steam loco. Worked for a while.

On Saturday I hosted a work collegue, his son and father in law for a visit to South Coast Rail. I hope they were impressed with the layout, I certainly was impressed with the cake they brought along. It was called a bee-sting and was a Bathurst cake shop speciality. The layout worked well and they were impressed with the sound garratt. (I just hope the Eureka sound 40 class gets here soon so I can share the sound running with the 60 class.)

With the garage roller door open I received another burst of that fabulous winters sun that lights up the corner bridge on the branch. It sits just above the town of Narooma and I’ll get into improving the scenery in this corner when Narooma gets finished. You get a burst of natural light from the sun that doesn’t seem to be able to be replicated by artificial light. Any how here is the result:

August1 (1632 x 916)


  1. Thanks, thats my little Ray of sunshine in action

  2. It's hard to beat the BIG headlight for lighting effects. Good one Bob.

    Little 'Ray' of sunshine !? - please.

    You've added a profile pic ? Didn't recognize you without your glasses on ;-)