Thursday 23 April 2009

From the US to see us.

Last Easter Saturday I had the pleasure to meet Blair and Lance from Texas who came out to Australia to get a first hand look at the territory they were modelling which is on the main north of NSW between Muswellbrook and Narrabri.

Thanks to Ray Pilgrim (Mr BYLONG) they had a great introduction for a meet and greet night.

The next day they commenced a crammed week of railroading.

After showing them around a few places at Central on Wednesday they came for a brief visit to South Coast Rail.
Lance Lassen is on the left and Blair Kooistra on the right
They should be well on their way over the Pacific by now. I am sure the guys will let us know how they enjoyed their visit on their blog sites.
It was a pleasure to meet you, come again soon.


  1. Bob,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and DeAnn (hope I spelled that right!) and we had a great time tromping around Central and dining at the RSL with you. And also thanks for sharing the South Coast with us!

    The trip home actually seemed quite a bit shorter than the going over, but we're missing Australia already!

    thanks again for everything. You're a first-rate mate.

  2. Blair,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and Lance and don't forget what what the Train Control Manager said - we need more controllers! You probably know more than some of the controllers here.