Sunday 29 March 2009

6039 Garratt
This is one of the first card shots of the garratt lifting a coal train off the branch towards Kameruka, the only crossing station on the branch. It was taken on my Canon digital camera and hand held as you can tell. I will take some steadier shots later and replace this one.


  1. THAT is impressive!!! All that's missing is the smoke. . . I'm envious of your abilities to jump right into this blogspot thing and even start uploading video! Man, something I'm going to have to check into myself!!

  2. Your scenery work is a credit to you, it looks just like the real thing! Any tips for us mere mortals? And the it!

  3. Blair and Geoff,
    thanks for your comments. I look forward to the day when I can slow up on scenery and scratchbuilding and actually start running trains. Tips? Study whats out there in real life and take plenty of photos. And if you don't like what you've done first time, rip it out and go again.